Art tours

Join us on art tours of City Hall’s open and restricted facilities. The Helsinki City Hall has over 200 works of art on display from the Helsinki Art Museum HAM collections. Taru Tappola, HAM’s Head of Public Art, presents the works of art that were selected for the tours.

Open art exhibition in the lobby

Step in the open lobby and marvel at Kimmo Kaivanto’s infinite “Chain” sculpture. Aarno Ruusuvuori had a hand in selecting several of the art works, as the City Hall was in principle a work of art in itself. When the function of the lobby changes, some of the art is also replaced.

The mayor’s art treasure

Come along on a rare tour of the mayor’s office and reception area, where you can find both traditional and contemporary art. Which piece of art does he admire from his office desk? Find out on the tour!

A feast for the eyes in the restaurant

Gaze at Michael Schilkin’s entertaining wall relief depicting market sellers in the City Hall’s restaurant and listen to stories about the artist’s colourful life.