Accessibility: Information on the service

This accessibility statement concerns the City of Helsinki’s The City Hall Jubilee Website. The address of the website is

Legal provisions applied to the website

This website has been published after 23 September 2018. The website must meet the accessibility requirements as required by the law.

The City’s objective

In the accessibility of the digital services, Helsinki’s objective is to strive for at least the AA level, or better, of the WCAG guidelines, if it is reasonably possible.

Compliance status

This website’s compliance with the accessibility requirements has not yet been evaluated.

Preparing an accessibility statement

This statement was prepared on 10 September 2020.

Updating the accessibility statement

The statement is updated to meet the observations on the compliance with the accessibility requirements, when the evaluation has been performed.

Requesting information in accessible format

If the user finds that they do not receive the contents of the website in accessible format, then the user can request this information by e-mail or through the feedback form at The City aims to answer the enquiries within reasonable time.