Video tours

How does the current role of a mayor differ from the previous role of a city manager? What was Aarno Ruusuvuori’s philosophy? What art is displayed at the City Hall’s restaurant and what does it have to do with Lake Ladoga? These and many other questions are answered during video tours into the Helsinki City Hall’s architecture, art and decision-making.


Go on a City Hall video tour and walk through the building’s corridors with learned experts. The Helsinki City Hall is a place where architecture, art and politics are bound together in fascinating ways.

Architecture tours

Join a tour of the modernistic premises designed by Ruusuvuori. Observe the impact of the colours, shapes and materials on the overall atmosphere.

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Art tours

Get familiar with the City Hall’s monumental art collection. The artworks are part of HAM Helsinki Art Museum’s collections and a major part is not available to the public.

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Decision-making tour

Come to the Council Hall to hear how the decision-making progresses in the city and who calls the shots on what.

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